Tulisa going 'back to basics'

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 19 March 2013


Tulisa has vowed to go "back to basics" with her solo career after her debut album, The Female Boss', failed to do as well as expected

Tulisa is taking her solo career "back to basics".

The 24-year-old singer's debut album 'The Female Boss' only reached number 35 in the UK charts on its release last year, so the 'Young' hitmaker has vowed to rethink her style when recording new tracks.

She said: "I'm going to make a few singles soon, and I want to take my sound back to basics. I want to just make songs that I really love from now on.

"My first single 'Young' got to number one, and that's because it was a very UK-sounding track - and I realise now that's what the fans want."

And the singer has turned down the opportunity to work with big names in the US in favour of more underground British producers.

She said: "I've been offered the opportunity to go back to the US and work with massive producers, but I said no as I want to be more urban. I've been saying to ground-level UK writers, 'Send me beats.'

"And I won't guest on anyone else's records for the foreseeable future. I want to conjure up my own hits first."

While Tulisa misses her N-Dubz bandmates, particularly when performing live, she insists they won't be working together again in the near future.

She told the Daily Star newspaper: "I do miss them on tour, and doing my own album made me appreciate them more. I'm very aware on stage that they're not turning up to save me, so it's down to me to rock it up on my own.

"N-Dubz is my comfort zone, but we need this couple of years apart to get our solo albums out of our system."

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