Flickering Lights (4 stars)

Flickering Lights

Rachel Maclean - Lolcats

Rachel Maclean cartoon pop-vid bravura a highlight of film and video show

Up in the Lower Church Gallery end of Summerhall, three very different video works are in motion as part of this superb arts space’s latest exhibition programme. David Bellingham’s ‘An Object Revolving Around a Day / An Object Revolving Round Events’ is a four-minute animated burl traversing a yellow sun and a blur moon that recalls a wonkier take on the opening credits of 1970s eco-friendly sitcom, The Good Life.

Self-christened artistic family collective, Maris, give us ‘2013.01.27 – 11.52’, a film of the daily drive from their country home to studio shot through their car windscreen. Best of all is ‘LolCats’, Rachel Maclean’s epic DayGlo digital mash-up involving Egyptian cat worship, the Tower of Babel, Starbucks and internet meme subtitles.

While the cyclic inevitability of Bellingham’s piece is as appealingly hypnotic as the accompanying flick-book produced for the show, and the mundane ritual of Maris lays bare a pilgrimage of sorts, it is Maclean’s cartoon pop-vid bravura that stands out. The cosplaying, nouveau Warholian Wonderland her characters occupy may appear kitty-kat cute, but, as with the little guy who became the Wizard of Oz, there’s something darker at play in a piece of very serious fun.

Summerhall, Edinburgh, until Sat 18 May

David Bellingham, Maris, Rachel Maclean: Flickering Lights

Film and video work from David Bellingham, Maris and Rachel Maclean.