Jenna-Louise Coleman: Doctor Who has been like a hurricane

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  • 18 March 2013
Jenna-Louise Coleman as Clara with the Doctor

Jenna-Louise Coleman as Clara with the Doctor

Jenna-Louise Coleman says joining 'Doctor Who' as new companion Clara Oswald has been like a "hurricane" from the very first audition

Jenna-Louise Coleman says joining the cast of 'Doctor Who' has been like a "hurricane".

The 26-year-old actress plays the Time Lord's new companion Clara Oswald and, after two mysterious appearances in the show, she will step into the TARDIS full-time from this month.

Jenna admits joining the much-loved sci-fi series has been a mind-blowing experience from her very first day auditioning - but a great one.

Speaking at a Q&A at the screening of new episode 'The Bells of St John' in London, she said: "From the first audition ... it was a feeling of walking away from the audition room thinking I'd been knocked off my feet a bit. It was a bit of a hurricane. But just the feeling of, 'This is what I'd really like to do day in and day out.' Because every day really is so different and I really don't know what going to be thrown at me, which is great. It's keeping that spontaneity."

Jenna has praised Matt Smith - who plays the Doctor - for being so great at helping her settle into the cast.

The former 'Emmerdale' star insists she and Matt, 30, had great chemistry from the first time they met and that was due to the actor's welcoming attitude.

Speaking about her first audition, she explained: "I had read the scenes and prepared them in a certain way. And then basically, as soon as you're approached by Matt, all of that goes out the window and you don't quite know what's going to happen or where it's going to go.

"We had that kind of spontaneity. What was lovely is Matt made me feel like he was auditioning with me, which was really nice. All of the producers left the room and left me and Matt to just literally run around and play.

"And then everyone came back in and then we got to do it. I just didn't know where it was going to go. I just felt thrilled and excited by it. And, again, it was the idea of doing this day in, day out. It was cool."

Praising his new co-star, Matt said: "We have fun, don't we? That's the main thing. It's such a fun show to make ... She's done so brilliantly at jumping in and jumping on the train of it."

'Doctor Who' returns to BBC One with 'The Bells of St John' on Saturday, March 30.

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