New production of Molière short comedies by Lung Ha’s Theatre Company

New production of Molière short comedies by Lung Ha’s Theatre Company

credit: Douglas Jones

Group adapt The Seductive Countess and The Flying Doctor

As artistic director of Lung Ha’s Theatre Company, Maria Oller has set out to achieve the Edinburgh-based group’s stated objective of becoming ‘a leading theatre company for people with learning disabilities, in Scotland and internationally’. One way in which she has done this is by staging classical works, such as short plays by Chekhov and the ancient Greek tragedy Antigone by Sophocles.

In a very different – but still classical – vein, she now presents Un Petit Molière, adaptations of two short Molière comedies (The Seductive Countess and The Flying Doctor) by Morna Pearson. ‘I felt that, after doing tragedy, Molière comedies would be a nice relief,’ Oller says.

‘I read Molière’s big plays,’ she continues. ‘Then I thought, “we have to do his comedy our way.” He wrote a lot of one-act plays, when he was playwright to the King. We have chosen two of these, which we are performing as plays within a play.’

In the production, Lung Ha’s actors will perform the roles of Molière’s own company. ‘This,’ Oller explains, ‘is to get the style and the atmosphere of what theatre at that time was about, because so much of western comedy is based upon what Molière did back then.’

Tom Fleming Centre, Edinburgh, Tue 9–Fri 12 April

Un Petit Molière

Travel to the 17th century world of Molière with two of his finest short comedies, The Seductive Countess and The Flying Doctor.


1. Jennie Renton15 Apr 2013, 3:56pm Report

This production was fabulous fun, I was hugely entertained.

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