Tom Fool

Citizens’ Theatre, Glasgow, Thu 2-Sat 18 Nov


There’s been bits and bobs going on at the Citz studio theatre for a while, but the arrival of the first piece of work to equal the scale of the splendid ‘Little Bit of Ruff’ season, which garnered such acclaim a couple of years back, is bound to excite theatregoers. The intimacy of the space makes for splendid theatre, especially when the piece concerned is liable to confront our sometimes complacent expectations.

In this respect, Tom Fool looks set to revive some of the old fire one often felt in this close-up space. For the name Franz Xaver Kroetz will always set expectations of controversy. Noted for a kind of political hyper realism, Kroetz’s work observes everyday life with a microscope, not stinting on details that many writers would omit. Thus defecation, masturbation, violence and, perhaps even more disturbing, the seamier reflections of the subjective mind are often to the fore. Kroetz was a member of the German Communist Party for a decade, and although that period is now over two decades behind him, there are always political subtexts to his plays. This piece, translated by Estella Schmid and Anthony Vivis, examines a factory worker who reaches crisis point with his wife and child, his fantasy life shading into reality. A strong cast also recommends this as a night out.

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