New production of Anna Weiss by Rekindle Theatre

New production of Anna Weiss by Rekindle Theatre

Scott Cadenhead directs play exploring false memory syndrome

Ambiguity riffs and ripples around, deep inside Anna Weiss, Mike Cullen’s intense play about false memory syndrome. Last seen in Scotland at the Traverse in 1997, featuring Vicky Featherstone’s Scottish directorial debut, it won plaudits from all who saw it. Among the play’s fans was Scott Cadenhead, who is now behind a brief revival of the play by his Rekindle Theatre at the Tron.

‘I was blown away,’ says Cadenhead. ‘I have never been so emotionally drained by watching a play. I remember sitting in the auditorium at the end and thinking, “Wow, I hope these people are ok. Shouldn’t we go and check they are alright?” Which is obviously ridiculous!’

Anna Weiss concerns a hypnotherapist who helps a young woman find ‘lost’ memories of abuse by her father. It is the ensuing confrontation between daughter and father – and Weiss herself – that draws the audience in so deeply.

‘I want people watching to not be sure what is going on,’ says Cadenhead, who will be playing the father. Which is a big ask given that he also feels he has to be certain in himself of what his character did – or didn’t – do. ‘It is a really challenging thing to take on, definitely the most challenging work that we have done.’

Tron Theatre, Glasgow, Wed 27–Sat 30 Mar

Anna Weiss

Anna Weiss is a hypnotherapist who specialises in revealing 'lost' memories. Lynn is the girl in her care, but are the memories that Anna uncovers real? A new production of Mike Cullen's award-winning 1997 play.