Coronation Street fire almost out of control

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  • 18 March 2013
Tony Hirst

Tony Hirst

Actor Tony Hirst has revealed real firefighters had to step in when the Rovers Return fire threatened to get out of control and set other parts of the 'Coronation Street' set ablaze

Real firefighters has to step in when parts of the 'Coronation Street' set were accidentally set ablaze.

Scenes aired on the soap tonight (17.03.13) will see the iconic Rovers Return go up in flames and the spectacular stunt almost spiralled out of control when a 30ft exploding fireball accidentally scorched other parts of the famous street.

Actor Tony Hirst - who plays fireman Paul Kershaw - said: "On the first night of filming the roof of the Rovers caught fire and the real fire fighters -- who were standing by on-set -- had to step in. At one point there is an explosion and a 30ft fireball flies through the Rovers window.

"The crew wanted to show us what it would look like before the cameras started rolling -- and set fire to a tree on the other side of the street. Luckily the fire service dealt with it."

Despite the scary nature of the scenes - which see pub landlady Stella Price (Michelle Collins) trapped in the building, prompting Tony's alter ego, who is off-duty, climb a ladder to the roof in an attempt to stage a rescue, the actor was delighted to be a part of the spectacle.

He added to The Sun newspaper: "There was something rather laddish about it. It was like being Steve McQueen and Paul Newman."

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