Corrie blaze reminded Michelle Collins of childhood horror

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  • 17 March 2013
Michelle Collins

Michelle Collins

Filming scenes for the upcoming Rovers Return fire brought back memories of childhood terror for 'Coronation Street' star Michelle Collins after she recalled being trapped in a blaze

The upcoming 'Coronation Street' blaze brought back bad memories for Michelle Collins.

The 50-year-old star's character landlady Stella Price will be caught in her Rovers Return pub in tomorrow night's episode (18.03.13) and the actress has revealed how she was trapped in a flaming London flat as a child.

She credits her sister Vicky's quick thinking at the time with saving her life, but admitted she suffered flashbacks filming the soap's big blaze.

Speaking to the Sunday Mirror newspaper, she said: "I was four and my big sister Vicky was only five but she saved me from the worst kind of death and she still has the scars to prove it.

"The 'Corrie' storyline has brought it all back clearer than ever. We both could have died."

The actress told of how she and her sister were playing with a boy who lived above them in a block of flats when his carelessness with matches almost cost them their lives.

Vicky was showing the friend her birthday cards when his games took a nasty turn.

She revealed: "I don't know whether there was an argument or he was just being horrible but he was playing with a box of matches and suddenly starting setting fire to the cards.

"I remember her pulling me away from the flames but the boy's mum made feather hats for a living, which were stuck together with paraffin glue.

"That stuff is highly flammable and suddenly one of them went up in flames too."

Trapped in the fire, Michelle was told by Vicky to shelter under a table, which she did until she was saved by firemen before a man heroically entered the building to bring Vicky to safety.

Not surprisingly, these memories were brought back with the "intense" heat of the on-screen fire.

Michelle added: "In one scene, Stella is trying to get down the stairs with fire everywhere but she's trapped and can't get down.

"That was really tough because it brought my own experiences flooding back. I was terrified.

"But it looks incredible though, so I'm really glad I did."

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