Hurts still record in bedroom

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 16 March 2013


Hurts still record all their songs in their bedroom in Manchester, Northern England

Hurts still record all their songs in their bedrooms.

The 'Miracle' duo - Adam Anderson and Theo Hutchcraft - stay true to the principles of the electronic artists of the 80s who they look up to and work on their music at home rather than a fancy studio.

Adam told the UK's Absolute Radio: "We're like bedroom recording artists me and Theo we make all our music in the bedroom. Every song we've ever written has been done in a bedroom.

"That's like the sort of mentality, it's like we've just met each other, we could have gone anywhere but we chose a bedroom in Rusholme [Manchester].

"You've got to wonder about our sort of sanity there."

The band have just released their second album, 'Exile' - which they admit has a darker tone to their first, 'Happiness' - and said they have lost one of their biggest fans in the process, in Theo's father.

Theo said: "One person that did not get this album is my dad. I think he was terrified. There's a section in the middle I think is quite sort of dark, I guess you'd say the darker sort of side of us and [it went] straight over his head. So we lost one fan, but hopefully we'll gain some more."

'Exile' is out now.

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