Exposure: Glasgow act Golden Teacher take their live dance music to club nights

Glasgow act Golden Teacher take their live dance music to club nights

Bells From the Deep End EP out on Optimo Music

Another winner has emerged from the Optimo Music stables, with the sleazy Dinosaur L-isms of Glasgow’s Golden Teacher. One of the greatest things to have hit the city’s dancefloors in memory, the ad hoc assembly are a collaboration between members of Ultimate Thrush and Silk Cut. Richard McMaster (also in Lovers Rights) and brothers Ollie and Laurie Pitt school us.

How did you start playing together?
Richard:  We had some recording time together at the Green Door Studio as part of a course for unemployed musicians. We messed around for about an hour and the next week we went and recorded the EP.

Musically, what’s the intention for the band?
Laurie: Nothing other than make music we’d like to dance to. In reality when we plan to have a practice we just get distracted and end up cooking food. We don’t really ‘write’ songs, so far everything we’ve recorded has been largely improvised and done in one take. We’ll end up doing maybe one or two overdubs, but that’s about it. Sometimes the vocals are recorded without hearing the music beforehand. 

What’s your live show like?
Richard: We’ve mostly been playing in clubs, which is great because people are there to dance. We played in Corsica Studios last weekend with Optimo and Matias Aguayo, we went on at three in the morning and the majority of the set was one 12/8 rhythm with next to no melody. There wasn’t even a straight kick drum in it at all. 

Do you think the name might make people believe you’re a bunch of hippies?
Ollie: Psychedelia is way older than hippies. More than two thirds of the band went to Steiner School, so that’s not an issue.

Golden Teacher play the Chernozem afterparty at the Flying Duck, Glasgow, Fri 29 Mar; and a DJ set at Nice N Sleazy , Glasgow Sat 30 Mar. The EP ‘Bells From the Deep End’ is out now on Optimo Music.

Chernozem (Black Earth) and Renegade Maskerrade

  • 2013
  • UK
  • 1h 15min
  • Directed by: Judd Brucke

85A present this dark experimental industrial horror followed by their Renegrade Maskerrade – an evening of performance, live music and DJ's featuring Jacob Yates & The Pearly Gate Lock Pickers.

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