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  • 15 March 2013
Pixie Lott at Technics Shop to the Beat party

Pixie Lott at Technics Shop to the Beat party

Pixie Lott's new album will be influenced by the sound of Motown records

Pixie Lott's new album will have a Motown sound.

The 'All About Tonight' hitmaker has given her sound a radical overhaul and claims her third album will hark back to the soul sound pioneered by the iconic record label rather than her usual contemporary pop.

Speaking at the Panasonic Technics Shop to the Beat party at the French Connection store on Oxford Street, central London, on Wednesday night (13.03.13) Pixie exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I've just come from the studio just now, I've been working on it every day.

"It's more like a soul-y Motown vibe, definitely a departure from my last album. I'm excited, it's my kind of stuff."

The petite blonde revealed she wants to make a statement by not collaborating with as many stars as she has done on previous records, but admitted a duet with smooth crooner Bruno Mars would be her dream.

Pixie said: "This time I don't think I'm going to collaborate too much because I did it loads on my last album. Because it's quite a new sound, I think it'll make much more of a statement if I don't do as many collaborations this time around.

"But I really love Bruno Mars at the moment, his voice is amazing!"

George Lamb took to the DJs decks at the party - which celebrated the launch of Panasonic Technics' new range of headphones - and also produced five 30-minute playlists for French Connection shoppers to listen to while shopping.

Pixie Lott

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