EastEnders' Bianca Butcher will slap son Liam

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  • 13 March 2013
Patsy Palmer as Bianca Butcher

EastEnders' Bianca Butcher

EastEnders' Bianca Butcher will slap her son Liam after his gang involvement takes a hold on their relationship

EastEnders' Bianca Butcher will slap her son Liam.

The feisty mum, played by Patsy Palmer, will be seen lashing out at the teenager (James Forde) next week as the effects of his gang involvement take a hold on her son, who locks himself in his room in a bid to see his friends rather than go to school.

Patsy revealed to Inside Soap magazine: "Bianca's terrified that Liam's new mates are going to end up hurting him - or even killing him.

"She's seen bruises on his arms, and is worried about what Liam's doing to be accepted into this gang. She doesn't know what else to do - Bianca's never had to deal with anything like this before.

"When we filmed [the slap], I felt that Bianca was in the right. If I was Bianca in that situation with my kid, I'd feel so much shame, guilt and fear. But I think for some parents, that's how you could react if your child's being rude and shouting in your face."

In a bid to win Liam over, Bianca invites Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) over to try and talk sense into him.

However, her plan backfires when the pair make a run for it out of Albert Square.

While Bianca wants to call the police, the mum-of-three hesitates as until now she hasn't been involved with her son's antics.

Patsy continued: "Bianca hasn't involved the police, as she thought she could handle Liam on her own at first. She's terrified that they're going to look at him as some sort of thug.

"But her back is against the wall, and she's desperate."

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