Hollyoaks' Maxine Minniver 'sympathises' with kidnapper

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  • 12 March 2013
Nikki Sanderson

Nikki Sanderson

Hollyoaks' Maxine Minniver "sympathises" with her kidnapper Kevin Foster when she realises her friend is holding her hostage to protect her from Walker

Hollyoaks' Maxine Minniver "sympathises" with her kidnapper.

The feisty brunette, played by Nikki Sanderson, is initially shocked when her friend Kevin Foster (Elliot Balchin) holds her hostage and drugs her.

However, she soon understands he was forced into the deed by Walker (Neil Newbon), who wants Maxine dead after she discovered his true identity of an undercover policeman out for revenge on Brendan Brady (Emmett J. Scanlan).

Nikki explained: "At first Maxine doesn't see [Kevin's trying to protect her] at all, because she just doesn't understand what's going on. Kevin is supposed to be a friend, so she's really upset, hurt and mad that he would do something like this.

"It's only when he sits and explains the reasons behind everything that she actually sympathises with him. She understands the position that he's in - that he was forced into having to do this.

"The options were to kill Maxine or do what he's done - keep her locked away and drugged. She understands that and even though she thinks he could have just spoken to her about it, she can see that he's trying to protect her."

Nikki is "pleased" her character is experiencing a hard-hitting plot as it's a contrast from what she's use to while playing Maxine.

She added to Digital Spy: "I was really pleased when I read these scripts and I saw that this would happen to Maxine. She's such a lively and happy-go-lucky character, so it was great for me as an actress - and also for Maxine - to be seen doing something completely different.

"It's been fantastic to play something that's polar opposite to the way I've been since I've joined 'Hollyoaks'. Obviously it's also much more fun not having to sit in the make-up chair for an hour - it only took about 15 minutes for these scenes!"

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