Johnny Vaughan wants to host The Big Breakfast again

Johnny Vaughan has revealed he would love to host Channel 4 light entertainment show 'The Big Breakfast' again, but this time with 'Transformers' beauty Megan Fox as his new co-presenter

Johnny Vaughan and Steve Brooker

Johnny Vaughan and Steve Brooker

Johnny Vaughan wants to host 'The Big Breakfast' again - with Megan Fox as his new co-presenter.

The 46-year-old star - who fronted the Channel 4 light entertainment show from 1997 to 2001 - would love to "wake up with" the 'Transformers' beauty on a daily basis on the programme, and thinks it would be great if the show returned to TV.

He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I think she'd be great to wake up to. I just quite like the idea of waking up with Megan Fox.

"The only reason I stopped last time was we'd just had a baby and it was just impossible. It wasn't working really."

Should 'The Big Breakfast' return then Johnny - who co-hosted the show with Denise Van Outen, Kelly Brook and Liza Tarbuck - insists whoever presents the programme needs to have good chemistry, and he feels "lucky" to have worked with "great people" during his time on the series.

She added: "It makes it so much easier otherwise it can just be hard work. I was lucky I always had great people to do it with."

Johnny's latest TV project, 'Mud Men', sees him work with mud larker Steve Brooker as they go in search of historical artefacts on the muddy banks of London's River Thames and he admits the programme feels like more of a "hobby" than work.

He explained: "I just really love doing 'Mud Men'. It always just feels much more like a hobby or a really good day out."

Series three of 'Mud Men' starts on Tuesday March 19 at 10pm on History.


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