Hampden picture exposes naked truth about bigotry

  • List.co.uk
  • 24 September 2007

Photographer Alistair Devine has photographed almost 100 Old Firm fans naked as part of his latest project.

The Rangers and Celtic supporters - men and women - turned out with only scarves to preserve their dignity to celebrate anti-sectarianism in Scotland as part of live naked art.

Devine photographed a famous riot scene at an Old Firm game in 1980, showing mounted police trying to tackle fans fighting on the pitch.

He said: “The photograph I took in 1980 went all round the world and it put Glasgow in a really desperate light and then bigotry was dire, everything was bloody dire and 27 years later I came up with the idea of a naked shoot using Old Firm fans because I had been barking on about the problem of sectarianism being better than it was.”

The shoot follows a similarly naked-themed picture taken at pub Bobar in the city’s west end last year. Some 35 fans were selected for the project, which was designed to show unity between fans.

“The point of the picture is quite simple,” he said.

“It is to let bygones be bygones and to move forward as a nation in our view towards bigotry.”

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