Jeremy Piven found Mr. Selfridge co-stars 'rude'

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  • 10 March 2013
Jeremy Piven as Harry Selfridge

Jeremy Piven as Harry Selfridge

American actor Jeremy Piven initially found his 'Mr. Selfridge' co-stars "rude" and mistook their British sense of humour as unpleasant on set

Jeremy Piven thought his 'Mr. Selfridge' co-stars were "rude" when they first worked together.

The American actor - who portrays department store tycoon Harry Selfridge in the ITV drama series - struggled to get his head around the way the British cast didn't respond to the end of a scene in a way he was accustomed to from working on US comedy-drama 'Entourage' and mistook their offhand ways for being unpleasant.

Zoe Tapper, who plays stage actress Ellen Love in the programme, revealed: "Jeremy oozes charm but he found it very different working with a bunch of Brits.

"When you do a good take on set in America, everyone slaps you on the back and high fives you. Here, we just ignore you. It took Jeremy a while to realise we weren't rude."

Jeremy, 47, also found it hard to get to grips with his co-stars' sense of humour and took some of their comments seriously.

Aisling Loftus, whose character Agnes Towles works in Selfridges, added to Grazia magazine: "Amanda Abbington (Miss Mardle) and I used to take the mick all the time, which is very British I suppose. A couple of times I had to reassure Jeremy that I was just joking."

The series finale can be seen on ITV1 tonight (10.03.13) at 9pm.

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