King’s Theatre, Edinburgh, Tue 14-Sat 18 Nov


There’s a certain genre of theatre which causes (I’m sure I’m not alone in this) one to think of one’s Mum mid show, and propels one home on a torrent of guilt about how long it is since she’s been phoned. These pieces usually feature helpless elderly folk and their loneliness. No doubt couples with children go home and wake them up to cuddle them, while singles start lending plausibility to even the most improbable eligibles. It’s all a bit disruptive, but we’re suckered by these works again and again.

One such piece is Gerald Sibeyras’ Heroes, a play that took the West End by storm last year through Tom Stoppard’s whimsical, gently playful translation. The protagonists are not old ladies, but men, and war veterans at that. Yet, these three old dodderers, living out their last days in the late 1950s, still suffering from the physical and psychological effects of the Great War create a charm and pathos, which amount to the same thing. By all accounts there’s a good deal of humour in the piece, and with three bankable faces in the shapes of Art Malik, Christopher Timothy and Micheal Jayston in the leads, this should prove a crowd pleaser to warm folk from the heart outwards as we enter the winter months.

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