Garden Of Elks - Nice'n'Sleazy, Glasgow, Thu 7 Mar, supporting Campfires in Winter (4 stars)

Garden Of Elks - Nice'n'Sleazy, Glasgow, Thu 7 Mar, supporting Campfires in Winter

Photo: Euan Robertson

Say what you like about the often whimsical and fickle notion of a ‘scene’ and its accompanying ‘scenesters’ (in the case, the current slew of DIY guitar bands that are currently hitting up Glasgow’s punk influenced network): it can result in more fruitful and collaborative results between artists with otherwise tribal mentalities. It’s easy to banish any elitist cynicism after witnessing the grandiose efforts of power trio Garden Of Elks, who are comprised of Niall Strachan from heavyweight duo Bronto Skylift, Ryan Drever from hardcore mentalists No Island and drummer Kirstin Lynn - who plays the role of an overzealous and disapproving mother as she sits behind her perch, keeping the excitable boys in check.

Their recent single, ‘This Morning We Are Astronauts’, has proved a hit on the blogosphere and tonight it’s not hard to grasp why. Wiry bass player Drever leaps daintily across the stage like the most surreal Gerald Scarfe animation imaginable, while Lynn has all the erratic and unpredictable chops of the Minutemen’s George Hurley to accompany her snarling backing vocals. While frontman Strachan brings a lot of his trademark Bronto flavour to the set with his abrasive freak-out guitar moments, which are plentiful throughout, the songs are largely bass-driven providing a Pixies-esque backdrop that allows the arrangements enough space to sneak some lo-fi chaos in edgeways. 'We thank you for existing in this timeframe with us,' quips Strachan in a subdued, deadpan delivery - which is then completely polarised by a 30-minute barrage of post-apocalyptic-power-punk. More please.

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