Doldrums - Lesser Evil (3 stars)

Doldrums - Lesser Evil

Incredibly busy electro indie-pop album from Grimes cohort Airick Woodhead

Airick Woodhead is the latest artist to come out of the buzzing Montreal music scene. Woodhead, formerly of Spiral Beach and best friend of Claire Boucher (aka Grimes), is releasing Lesser Evil, his debut LP with his new project Doldrums. An interesting aside: the DIY producer apparently made the entire album on a hand-me-down laptop from Grimes herself.

He's created some chaotic, interchanging electro hyperactivity with this album. His soprano singing voice is impressive, occasionally sounding similar to Jake Shears of Scissor Sisters. Despite the chaos, he seems to have developed a self-assured vision of an album with blurred edges and undefinable genres. It's a multifaceted collaboration of all the music culture that interests him. But mostly, it's an incredibly busy electro indie-pop album.

It does have some moments of beauty and some moments of fun and 'She is the Wave' comes to mind as embodying both these aspects. Some songs, such as 'Egypt', have moments of clarity with inventive electronic beats that grab the imagination, but Woodhouse does not like to linger for too long. Lesser Evils often lacks focus and doesn't give much time to get used to one sound before it's off to the next.