eBay criticised for selling ‘hacking kits’

  • List.co.uk
  • 24 September 2007

Internet auction site eBay has come under fire for appearing to sell spying software for as little as £10.

The warning was made by computer security firm PC Tools, which claims DVDs loaded with hacking equipment can be purchased from the site.

These include a type of virus that appears as a gift in an online user’s inbox before allowing hackers to obtain passwords.

Vice president of product strategy at the firm, Mike Greene said: “Everyone is quick to point the finger at China and Russia when it comes to websites selling spyware and hacking kits but what about eBay?

“There are regular sellers purchasing hacking kits that include spyware and tell you how and where to use them.”

A spokesman for eBay, which boasts some 15 million registered users, said the site was monitored for illegal items but it is “almost impossible to police every item”.

There are around 100 million listed items on sale at any one time, the spokesman added.

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