Jeremy Kyle attacked by drug addict

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  • 8 March 2013
Jeremy Kyle

Jeremy Kyle

Jeremy Kyle fell victim to the most violent guest he's "ever" had on his flagship ITV show as heroin addict Kieran lashed out at him twice in an episode aired yesterday (07.03.13)

Jeremy Kyle was attacked by a drug addict.

The 'Jeremy Kyle Show' host feared for his life as heroin user Kieran lunged at him twice during an episode which aired yesterday (07.03.13) after the presenter confronted him about his refusal to kick his drug habit.

After a previous appearance on the show, Kieran had been sent to rehab all-expenses paid in a bid to help his despairing single mother Linda, but he soon escaped the facility and was back on drugs.

However, the junkie didn't take well to being challenged about his selfish behaviour and had to be held down by the show's bodyguards while yelling: "What are they gonna do?"

Jeremy was undeterred though, scathingly telling him: "Go and kill yourself. Destroy your mother's life. Walk out of my studio and I'll help somebody else."

Minutes later, after a bust-up with his mother and the introduction of show psychiatrist Graham Stanier, Kieran attempted to attack Jeremy once more before being escorted out of the studio.

The hot-headed presenter - who recently recovered from a testicular cancer scare - told the stunned audience: "You know what? I've done this a long, long time and nobody has ever gone for me like that."

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