Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise like Hollywood couple

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  • 6 March 2013
The Doctor and Clara racing up The Shard

Jenna-Louise Coleman and Matt Smith

Matt Smith advised his 'Doctor Who' co-star Jenna-Louise Coleman to study the "dynamic" between classic Hollywood couple Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy to help create their characters' on-screen chemistry

Matt Smith advised Jenna-Louise Coleman to watch Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy films for 'Doctor Who'.

The brunette beauty - who plays the Time Lord's assistant Clara Oswald - was urged by her co-star to study the Hollywood couple to help boost their characters' on-screen chemistry.

Jenna told SFX magazine: "When I started on 'Doctor Who' Matt said to me, 'Watch Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy films.' We were talking about our dynamic and trying to figure it out, realising we were a double act. It's trying to find each other's rhythm, so watching things like Spencer Tracy films really feed into that.

"Matt always said it's about physically finding our rhythm. In a way the whole thing is like a dance, and the moment we started dancing together and finding that rhythm is when it worked."

Matt, 30, and Jenna, 26, first clicked on the set of the BBC sci-fi drama over a mutual love of cartoons.

The actor recently said: "We have bonded over cartoons. I constantly watch 'The Simpsons' and an English cartoon called 'The Racoons' and 'Gummi Bears'.

"I was obsessed with ninja films, and the 'Teenage Mutant Nina Turtles' I used to love that as well."

Matt has enjoyed his time with Jenna so much he admitted their kiss during last year's Christmas special episode was his "favourite" moment of being the Doctor so far.

He said: "My favourite moment? I like our kiss, that was quite fun, even though it was hell to do. We actually did a couple of different versions there might be some outtakes."

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