Lesley Dunlop's Emmerdale storyline fear

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  • 6 March 2013
Lesley Dunlop

Lesley Dunlop

Lesley Dunlop was "scared" of tackling her latest 'Emmerdale' storyline, which sees her alter ego Brenda Walker diagnosed with a lesion on her brain, because it is such a huge "responsibility"

Lesley Dunlop was "scared" of tackling her latest 'Emmerdale' storyline.

The 56-year-old actress' soap alter ego Brenda Walker is to be diagnosed with a lesion on the brain, and as well as worrying about what it meant for her future on the ITV show, Lesley was concerned about the responsibility she has to portray the disease accurately.

She said: "The first thing I asked was, 'Does she die?' - I didn't know if I was still in a job or not.

"Like Brenda is, I was scared, because a storyline like this is such a huge undertaking and huge responsibility, and it has to be done right.

"I think it would be wrong to touch on anything like this if you're not going to be truthful. For the sake of people who've been through it, we have to make the plot real and believable."

Despite her initial concerns, Lesley is "thrilled" to be involved in the hard-hitting storyline and has been doing a lot of reading up about the subject.

She added to Inside Soap magazine: "I've done quite a bit of research. I didn't realise how common this sort of thing is. I watched videos of people having seizures, which was upsetting but essential.

"I had to know what happens in order to do it properly. I still don't know if what I did was right.

"At least I know how to help somebody in that situation now. I'm thrilled to be doing this story. I couldn't have wishes for anything better."

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