Matt Smith enjoyed kissing Jenna-Louise Coleman

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  • 4 March 2013
The Doctor and Clara racing up The Shard

Matt Smith with Jenna-Louise Coleman

Matt Smith's favourite 'Doctor Who' moment so far has been kissing Jenna-Louise Coleman, who plays his character's assistant, Clara Oswald

Matt Smith's favourite 'Doctor Who' moment so far has been kissing Jenna-Louise Coleman.

The Time Lord snogged his assistant, Clara Oswald - played by the actress - in last year's Christmas special, and Matt admitted it was fun filming multiple takes of their smooch.

He told a US TV magazine: "My favourite moment? I like our kiss, that was quite fun, even though it was hell to do. We actually did a couple of different versions there might be some outtakes."

Matt, 30, added he and Jenna, 26, initially became friends on set over their mutual love of cartoons.

He said: "We have bonded over cartoons. I constantly watch The Simpsons and an English cartoon called 'The Racoons' and 'Gummi Bears'.

"I was obsessed with ninja films, and the 'Teenage Mutant Nina Turtles' I used to love that as well."

'Doctor Who' recently filmed an episode in the US and Matt said he was blown away by the response from fans of the show.

He added: "We didn't realise how big it was until we filmed there, but the fans have been so supportive. The British are lot more reserved, and the North Americans have a lot more enthusiasm.

"I love it when people dress up as the Doctor and [former assistant] Amy [Pond]. I like all that - that is the spirit of the place and there is a freedom to be enthusiastic there, which is hugely enjoyable."

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