John Michie: Corrie Karl is desperate

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  • 4 March 2013
Corrie's Karl Munro and Stella Price

John Michie and Michelle Collins

John Michie thinks his 'Coronation Street' alter ego Karl Munro is "scarily desperate" and will do anything to win back Stella Price

John Michie thinks his 'Coronation Street' alter ego is "scarily desperate".

The actor's character Karl Munro is desperate to win back Stella Price (Michelle Collins) after his relationship with Sunita Alahan (Shobna Gulati) failed and despite his increasingly unhinged behaviour which will play out in the coming weeks - including kidnapping the landlady and plotting against her new boyfriend Jason Grimshaw by setting fire to his fan - John believes the cab driver is convinced he can win back his former lover.

He told "Karl's been trying really hard to get back with Stella, because he realises that she is the love of his life and everything with Sunita has gone pear-shaped. So he's just completely desperate - scarily desperate - to get back with her.

"Stella has got absolutely no interest in Karl whatsoever, so he's struggling, he's scrambling uphill to get to her. But he thinks that he'll get to her in the end, because Karl thinks he'll always get what he wants.

"Karl starts to do some pretty crazy stuff. It starts to get quite dark. He's a desperate man, he's losing everything, he's living in a bedsit, he doesn't have a home anymore - he hates that. He's going to get it back at whatever cost."

However, Karl's antics look set to backfire as, with his van ruined, Jason (Ryan Thomas) turns his back on the building trade and moves into the Rovers Return to run the pub with Stella.

Ryan said: "Jason's determined to stick the knife in with Karl. He has a little word with him, making sure that Karl's aware that he knows he torched his van, but because of that, he and Stella are more solid than ever.

"He doesn't feel threatened by Karl but maybe he should, as the audience will see that this is far from over for Karl!"

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