Ulrika Jonsson blasts Matt Lapinskas

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  • 1 March 2013
Matt Lapinskas

Matt Lapinskas

Ulrika Jonsson has blasted "nauseatingly cocky" 'Dancing on Ice' contestant Matt Lapinskas and has called for the public to vote for Gareth Thomas instead

Ulrika Jonsson has blasted "nauseatingly cocky" 'Dancing on Ice' contestant Matt Lapinskas.

The 45-year-old star has slammed the show for its predictability with "former dancers" always taking the crown, and thinks the former 'EastEnders' actor - who is current favourite to win - is too "desperate" to be a worthy champion.

She said: "I've kept half an eye on 'Dancing On Ice' since I took part back in 2007, despite the predictable outcome of a former dancer always being crowned champion.

"This year is no different. From day one, we've all known the winner is going to be former dancer Matt Limp-biscuit - a chunky monkey, one-dimensional actor best known for having played David Essex's son in 'EastEnders'.

"His desperation to win gives off a hideous stench, as does his nauseating cockiness and endless pleading for sympathy."

Ulrika is urging viewers to create an upset and vote for gay former rugby star Gareth Thomas to take the crown.

She wrote in a column for The Sun newspaper: "Why don't we all vote for Gareth Thomas?

"Now there's a decent hardworking, humble man who has not just been on a metaphoric journey on two blades but has faced a deeply challenging personal journey in life too."

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