Adele ready for inspiration

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  • 1 March 2013
Adele at the 2013 Academy Awards


Adele says new songs will "come when they're ready, and when I've got something to sing about"

Adele is looking for inspiration for new songs.

The 'Rolling in the Deep' star wants to follow up her huge second album '21' - the biggest selling record worldwide last year, selling over 25 million copies to date - but is waiting until inspiration hits before she will return to the studio.

When told by the Daily Mail newspaper people are desperate to hear her new tracks, she replied: "Tell me about it, so am I. They'll come when they're ready, and when I've got something to sing about."

Adele only recorded and released one new song in 2012, the theme for James Bond film 'Skyfall' which won an Oscar for Best Original Song at the awards last week (24.02.13).

The 24-year-old singer - who had her first baby, Angelo, with partner Simon Konecki last October - has previously said she was planning to take time off and settle into family life before recording again.

She said in 2011: "I'm really looking forward to some time to do nothing. I imagine I'll be 25 or 26 by the time my next record comes out, as I haven't even thought about my third record yet. I'm just gonna lay some concrete, set up home and just 'be' for a bit. I'll disappear and come back with a record when it's good enough.

"There will be no new music until it's good enough and until I'm ready."


Smokey soul pop from Adele, touring he latest smash hit album 25.

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