Foxy Denise to fall for Ian Beale in EastEnders

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  • 28 February 2013
Ian Beale and Denise Fox kiss

Ian Beale and Denise Fox kiss

'EastEnders' star Denise Fox will develop deep feelings for Ian Beale after they are locked in the Minute Mart and share a passionate kiss

'EastEnders' character Denise Fox will find herself "mentally and emotionally drawn" to Ian Beale.

The unlikely couple are set lock lips in an episode of the Walford soap next week, and despite spending years butting heads, actress Diane Parish has revealed her character will develop strong feelings for the hapless trader.

Romance has been brewing between Ian - played by Adam Woodyatt - and Denise since he took her in after she had nowhere to live, and Ian is now keen for a date, explains the actress.

She told Inside Soap magazine: "She's quite impressed they've not managed to kill one another and surprised she's had such a great time with Ian. Denise isn't ready to rush into anything though. They have to work out what's going on themselves before telling anyone. Denise wants to take things slowly."

The Albert Square pair will find themselves alone next week when they are accidentally locked inside the Minute Mart, and one thing quickly leads to another and the characters share a passionate kiss.

Diane revealed: "While they're trapped, Ian finally opens up. He reveals the real him and Denise realises that they're very alike. Denise really enjoys Ian's company and they end up kissing after sharing their life stories."

Despite sharing a smooch, Denise is wary about a relationship after troubled romances in the past.

Diane added: "Denise has found Ian's attentions endearing but she wanted to make sure that he likes her for her and not just because it's slim pickings round Albert Square."

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