Socks the cat becomes new Blue Peter scandal

  • 20 September 2007

Blue Peter became embroiled in a new phone in scandal after it emerged production staff ignored a viewer poll to name the programme’s new cat.

The children’s television show purported that Socks had been selected by viewers, however sources claim the most popular name was actually deemed inappropriate by producers.

Blue Peter came under fire earlier this year, after it was discovered that staff had faked a phone-in competition, plucking a child from the set when phone lines failed. Presenters were forced to make an on-air apology as the BBC joined the ranks of broadcasters found guilty of bogus phone--ins.

A former producer on the show has been suspended over the revelation. In total as many as 25 BBC staff could face action over this year’s scandals.

A statement is expected at the end of the week. However an official with the broadcasting union Bectu, Luke Crawley, questioned why senior managers were not under fire.

“Why is it that junior staff are being targeted? It is very peculiar that senior executives are not in the frame – these after all are the people whose demand for ratings puts others under intense pressure.”

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