Karen Barber: Jason Gardiner pushes my buttons on DOI

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  • 27 February 2013
Karen Barber

Karen Barber

Karen Barber has admitted her fellow 'Dancing on Ice' judge Jason Gardiner does "push her buttons" on the ITV show and she has started to bite back

Karen Barber has revealed Jason Gardiner "pushes her buttons" on 'Dancing on Ice'

The TV judge - who sits on the panel with the controversial Australian, Robin Cousins and Ashley Roberts - has clashed with her fellow judge throughout the latest series of the celebrity ice skating show and admits she can find him difficult to work with.

Speaking on ITV's 'This Morning', she said: "He's an interesting personality, let's say that! He has his funny side, but then he has that side that's very unpredictable and nobody's safe.

"He pushes my button and you either accept his insult or you say, 'No, I'm not having that.' "

The 51-year-old skating professional also explained the show's schedule is so hectic that the judges don't have time to socialise with each other.

She said: "We don't really [meet] off set because we rehearse the show, then we walk away and we do hair and make-up and come back for the live show and you really have to think on your feet, there's no time to think about other people."

Karen admitted, however, it might be "awkward" to socialise with Jason, 41, away from the cameras.

She added: "I'm focusing on what's happening in front of me and it's just that knee jerk reaction to him sometimes. And afterwards you think, 'OK', and the next day arrives and we go back into the next week. But we don't have time to socialise with each other, that would be awkward!"

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