Ashley James: I don't care Ollie is bisexual

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  • 27 February 2013
Ashley James

Ashley James

Ashley James doesn't care her new boyfriend and 'Made in Chelsea' co-star Ollie Locke is bisexual

Ashley James doesn't care Ollie Locke is bisexual.

The 25-year-old model has been dating her 'Made in Chelsea' co-star for two months and insists she isn't concerned about his attraction to both genders and she wouldn't be interested in hearing about any of his past relationships, whether they were with men or women.

She said: "Before I joined 'Made in Chelsea', I hadn't watched a single episode, so I knew nothing about Ollie's thing for men.

"Still, it doesn't bother me. Ollie's relationship history is his, mine is mine. Even if he was straight, I wouldn't want to know the details so it's no different.

"I met him as Ollie - a kind, funny, charming man I was instantly attracted to - so why should who he has or hasn't hooked up with change anything? His bisexuality is a part of who he is and it's what makes Ollie, Ollie."

However, Ashley - who previously dated 'Made in Chelsea' co-star Francis Boulle - admitted she is apprehensive about Ollie meeting her "traditional" parents.

She added to more! magazine: "There's my traditional parents. They haven't met him yet, but they've heard about him.

"Plus Ollie's sex confessions book, 'Laid in Chelsea', comes out next month, which I'm half dreading, but it will force them to reassess their views on bisexuality, which can only be a good thing."

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