Steady on, it’ll be Thor in the morning

  • 20 September 2007

You, me, Rivaldo; we all love a good comic book adaptation.

And Marvel are refusing to disappoint us by confirming that Matthew Vaughn will be directing a Thor movie.

Apparently they see it as ‘like Gladiator with Norse mythology’, which is like saying it’ll be a bit like Breakfast at Tiffanys but with more magical hammer wielding deities and less Moon River.

But let’s not go over board too early.

Director Vaughn has let it be known that the film won’t be taking in the comic’s real world setting and will instead focus on the goings on in Asgard.

There’s no casting news as yet, but I’m thinking Jason Statham in an ill-fitting blond wig as Thor, Miram Margolyes as Odin and Jake Lloyd from the Phantom Menace as Loki.

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