Rhod Gilbert: Comedy panel shows are 'brutal'

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  • 26 February 2013
Rhod Gilbert

Rhod Gilbert

Rhod Gilbert thinks comedy panel shows are "brutal" and isn't fazed at his programme 'Ask Rhod Gilbert' being axed by the BBC as he feels it wasn't the right environment for him

Rhod Gilbert thinks comedy panel shows are "brutal".

The Welsh funnyman's programme 'Ask Rhod Gilbert' - which also featured fellow stand-up comedians Greg Davies and Lloyd Langford - was recently axed by the BBC following its second series in 2011, but Rhod isn't fazed by the loss of his project as he feels it was never his area of expertise.

Speaking on Stuart Smith's 'Comedian's Comedian' podcast, Rhod said: "I think panel shows are really hard and some of them are brutal experiences. You feel like you've been sodomised after them.

"When I did something like 'Mock The Week ' ... I don't like it. It's not me, I don't write topical stuff, I don't especially like the environment.

"If you get 80 pages of notes two or three days before a show and you've got to try to write gags about things you're not especially bothered about, it's enough to just wade through the notes they've given us, without trying to write top-notch material about stuff."

Rhod "fell in love" with his current TV show 'Rhod Gilbert's Work Experience' - which sees him try out different jobs across Wales - and thinks his passion would benefit him if he were to become a teacher.

He continued: "I just fell in love with it totally, to the point where I thought maybe there's a change of career coming up.

"I think you can get out of it, you can escape [comedy]. But I know that if I go and teach, I could be just as obsessive about that and just as workaholic and throw myself into that."

The fourth series of 'Rhod Gilbert's Work Experience' begins next month.

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