The organisers of Glasgow LGBT club night Birdcage discuss their alternative gay night

The organisers of Glasgow LGBT club night Birdcage discuss their

Birdcage is a new alternative gay night in Glasgow, organised by the motley crew of Mia Knani, Caity Cooper, Jenny Redpath and Fiona Robertson. The List caught up with the ladies for some quick-fire questions

Tell us about your club
Fiona Birdcage started in November. We found ourselves not having a gay night we wanted to go to as Lock Up Your Daughters and Blitz had stopped doing as many regular events, so we knew it was time to stop talking about starting a night and just go for it. So we did!

What kind of music can we expect?
There’s so many amazing nights being put on all over Glasgow these days but there’s not much diversity when it comes to gay nights … Birdcage is a night for people who just want to come out, have fun and listen to good music. You can expect a good bit of house, old and new, electro, bass and garage – something you can definitely dance to!

What kind of DJs have you had so far?
We’ve been really lucky to know some great DJs in Glasgow who have been very open to our night and been keen to get involved.
Jenny For the launch last year, we were lucky to have Floyd and for the second night, we had Marco and Nathan AKA Tarantism, who were awesome. And Madame S who used to do Utter Gutter did the most recent one. The one in January was so much fun and we got such good feedback that we thought we’d better get her back for another party!

Who would be on your wish list?
 It would have to be Maya Jane Coles – she’s incredible. If you happen to be reading this Maya, give us a call!
Caity I’d choose SBTRKT since I’m pretty much in love with anything he does. 
Mia Jamie XX has done some amazing things in the past couple of years, so he would be cool.

Basura Blanca, Glasgow, Fri 15 Mar.


An alternative LGBT night playing house, electro and disco.

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