Alex Horne presents The Horne Section (3 stars)

Alex Horne presents The Horne Section

Horne takes his jazz/comedy hybrid to the airwaves of Radio 4

For some onlookers, musical comedy is still perched on the lowest rung of the funny ladder despite the sterling efforts of Bill Bailey, Tim Minchin and Flight of the Conchords in changing those perceptions. Known mainly for hi-tech stand-up that hinges on extremely amusing stats-based lectures, Alex Horne dipped into the world of tunes fun with The Horne Section (he was clearly born for that project) and can now be heard on Radio 4 with a new six-part series.

The Horne Section ethos is simply that ‘music makes everything better’. Even, as episode one aims to prove, the world of sport. The chess chant is unlikely to be replicated at matches, but the thought of Horne as a snooker cameraman placing 50p on the table during the final frame of a world championship game should be thoroughly encouraged.

In the opener, the special guest is Danny Baker (who belts out ‘Flash Bang Wallop: What a Picture’); there’s a top ten of elaborately-named bird feeders (good to know that Horne is still indulging in his ornithological habits); the drummer is grilled over his taxable income and there’s an exercise in how keeping fit to music isn’t always a great idea (without the visuals, the full impact might not quite be felt by the listener). The show probably won’t change the face of the universe, but there’s really no harm in getting yourself a bit of Horne on Sunday evenings.

Radio 4, starts Sun 24 Feb, 7.15pm.

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