David O’Doherty

It’s possible that Seize the David O’Doherty is quite probably the most deliberately clunky punning title at the Glasgow Comedy Festival, but beneath it all will be a swathe of masterly comedic tunes. And will he be furnishing us with his latest annual beefs or is he changing them to ‘My Horsemeats 2013’?
Garage, Glasgow, Fri 15 & Sat 16 Mar.

Mitch Benn

Songs aplenty plus stories about how Mr Benn lost ten stone as he discusses the obese aka ‘the last legitimate hate group’. Reduced Circumstances aims to bring home Benn’s bacon.
The Stand, Glasgow, Sat 23 Mar.

Vikki Stone

Not one to feel shy about making herself look a bit daft, Stone throws everything she has into tunes, jokes and other truly silly bits. Has a bit of a thing about Phillip Schofield, too, if you’re interested.
Vespbar, Glasgow, Sun 24 Mar.

Rob Deering

You might think that calling a show The One sounds a bit self-loving, but it’s merely a reflection of Mr D’s status as a one-man supergroup. And will there be enough room on his Stand stage to fit the keyboard, congas, looping pedals, mixing desk, guitar and cowbells that he’s been dragging across the country?
The Stand, Glasgow, Wed 27 Mar.


If you only want your musical comedy to come from two tough Irish gents wearing torn plastic bags on their heads and rapping about politics, republicanism and horses, then it looks like we’ve found your ideal act.
Garage, Glasgow, Sat 30 Mar.

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