Simon Evans to appear at the Glasgow International Comedy Festival 2013

Simon Evans to appear at the Glasgow International Comedy Festival 2013

The former writer of erotic fiction talks about the adrenaline and fashion of stand-up

Law graduate, freelance journalist and writer of erotic fiction, we think (and hope) that Simon Evans has finally found his true calling. The Hove-based comic may have been around the vocational block but he was born to be a stand-up performer. His current show, Friendly Fire, features withering attacks on Florida theme parks, high-profile footballers, London’s mayor and his own ability to be a good father.

For Evans, the search for an adrenaline rush keeps him going. ‘I don’t remember my very first gig too much but I remember the feeling afterwards. I couldn’t stop grinning and talking at a thousand miles an hour for about three hours. It’s a bit like skydiving: you’re terrified of doing it but as soon as you’ve done it, you realise you’re not dead. And they laughed: wow!’

Anyone who saw Evans in those early days might struggle to recognise him. Gone are the leather jackets and open-necked shirts, and very much in is a smart-suit and tie affair. ‘That developed naturally from the way I was being perceived, but having said that, I do think comedians look better if they stick on a suit. It doesn’t matter if you’re being posh or the underdog, a suit is a kind of neutral thing. If you go on stage in T-shirt and jeans, there can be all sorts of nuances: are these jeans still fashionable or are they last year’s jeans? Is it boot cut or skinny cut now? And has this T-shirt got a good design or am I looking like a dad trying to dress as a surfer? As soon as you put a suit on, after about five minutes it’s invisible and the audience have stopped looking at what you’re wearing and just listening to what you have to say.’

Òran Mór, Glasgow, Thu 14 Mar.

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