Legendary Edinburgh house night Truth to return for one-off party

Legendary Edinburgh house night Truth to return for one-off party

Ultragroove's Gareth Sommerville and Colin Cook resurrect the vinyl-only basement party

Residents Gareth Sommerville and Colin Cook.

Guests This is more of an intimate shindig than a big name guest-led party.

Music policy Top quality, old fashioned, underground house music.

What they say Let us set the scene. It’s 1993 and Sommerville and Cook have just started DJing together: ‘The partnership was to carve two of the most influential nights of the era. Ultragroove landed in 1999 and, of course, still runs today. However, it was Truth, a weekly Friday night in a dingy basement of a former gay club, with its eye wateringly good soundsystem, that satisfied the ears of a fiercely loyal crowd and introduced a strict policy of nothing but real house in the capital.

‘The current trend for early 90s underground house is proof positive of the timelessness and quality of the music pioneered by Truth. All organ stabs, swinging 909 grooves and kick drums, it was an intoxicating blend of wild pitch, raw disco samples, soulful attitude and diva vocal highs. This was a weekly residents affair with no compromise. One minute a song the next minute a dark excursion, it was true DJing, from the heart, on expensive US-only imported black vinyl.

‘Now, 20 years hence, in a similarly low ceilinged basement, Truth returns for a one-off party, with the same ethos as back in the day – to celebrate the great music played at the time in an all-vinyl party. It promises to be as relevant now as it was in 1993. A club like no other, it offers a unique chance to tap into a lost era of Edinburgh’s clubland – a period that spawned countless nights. However, for those in the New York house “know”, there was really only one place for would be banji boys, disco divas and proper househeads to get down – ain’t that the truth.’

What we say If that sales pitch hasn't already won you over remember Sommerville and Cook’s credentials at Ultragroove and DJing across the capital mean they know the Edinburgh house scene like no other and this recreation of their seminal Truth night harks back to the original 90s house explosion. So far this is a one-off but let’s hope it returns.

Truth at 511, The Newsroom, Edinburgh, Sat 2 Mar.

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All vinyl house party from Gareth Sommerville and Colin Cook (Ultragroove) with a distinct 90s underground house vibe.