2020Vision label boss Ralph Lawson comes to Edinburgh's No Strings Attached

2020Vision label boss Ralph Lawson comes to Edinburgh's No Strings Attached

The house/techno DJ is the man behind Leeds' Back to Basics night and 2020Soundsystem

‘It’s had its ups and downs,’ says Ralph Lawson of his more than two decades at the heart of dance music in the UK, most notably as the long-running resident of Leeds’ fabled Back to Basics, label boss of 2020Vision and driver of live production outfit 2020Soundsystem.

‘The main change is that the scene’s more fragmented now,’ he continues, ‘you used to go to a dance event and hear all the types of electronic music that were around at the time. Then drum & bass splintered off, then big beat, then dubstep. That’s not a bad thing, but it’s created a mature and established industry now. We never used to be an industry, we just did it all for fun. So what you have to do is always keep people on their toes by introducing new concepts.’

His stock remains high as a go-to DJ for an eclectic set which won’t turn off mainstream clubbers, with his own label and production exclusives figuring strongly in his shows. Here they’ll include this year’s collaboration between himself and original 2020Vision production partner Carl Finlow entitled Dusty Dubs and Gold Dust, an EP series collecting material from old DAT tapes he found in his garage. ‘They still sound quite current though, even after all these years,’ he says. Just like his own career? ‘It’s been hard in the music industry,’ he reflects, ‘but we’ve swerved our way around the pitfalls and stay true to our name and ideals.’

No Strings Attached at the Annexe, Edinburgh, Fri 1 Mar.

No Strings Attached

Techno night settling into a new home.

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