Geordie Shore want series six in Las Vegas

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  • 25 February 2013
The cast of Geordie Shore

The cast of Geordie Shore

The cast of 'Geordie Shore' want series six to be filmed in Las Vegas or Ibiza because "everyone is a bit sick of being in Newcastle"

The cast of 'Geordie Shore' want series six to be filmed in Las Vegas.

Holly Hagan revealed her co-stars are "sick" of shooting the show in their hometown of Newcastle because they have "been there and done that" and while the 18-year-old beauty isn't old enough to gamble or drink in the US city, she is keen for the next series to be shot Vegas, or even Ibiza.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "Everyone's a bit sick of being in Newcastle now aren't they? We've been there and done that.

"Vegas would be nice but me and Dan [Thomas-Tuck] can't got to Vegas though because we aren't 21 yet. But otherwise, I would love to go. Ibiza would be great, too."

Co-star Sophie Kasaei added: "Yeah Ibiza, would be amazing. I don't think the cameras would be allowed though!"

The current fifth series of the MTV reality show sees the cast go on a European tour to Amsterdam, Barcelona, Prague and the après ski scene of Tignes, in France's Northern Alps - and James Tindale is keen to film series six somewhere hotter.

James said: "We should definitely go abroad, somewhere hot would be nice after going to all those cold places."

But Dan added: "Why don't we go to somewhere like Redcar or Blackpool? We could have donkey rides."

James said: "Blackpool's actually alright. It's a decent night out."

Sophie added: "This series, we still come back to Newcastle. So it wasn't in Europe the whole time. We went back to Newcastle and the same house and things so it would be lovely to go somewhere different."

'Geordie Shore' airs on Tuesday nights on MTV at 10pm.

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