‘Lord of the Flies’ reality TV show criticised

  • List.co.uk
  • 19 September 2007

A Lord of the Flies-type US reality show due to be aired on the CBS network has attracted criticism from child protection groups.

The programme, Kid Nation, will see 40 children left in a New Mexico desert to fend for themselves - where they are expected to create their own class system and laws.

Critics claim the show, which has been kept a closely guarded secret with no outsiders allowed on set, is child exploitation.

Some of the youngsters taking part are as young as eight years old, while parents have signed a 22-page contract, freeing producers from responsibility of care.

Kim Talman, from the National Association to Protect Children, said: “Child labour laws were pretty lax in New Mexico, it’s the reason they went there.

“In California and New York they never would have gotten away with something like this but the way they’re skirting that issue is saying that the children were not actually employed.”

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