Christopher Owens set for 2013 UK tour

Christopher Owens set for 2013 UK tour

Ex-Girls member solo singer-songwriter project

‘Oh yeah, Lysandre is a real person. She knew a while ago that I was making this record -- thankfully she was really excited to hear it,’ admits Christopher Owens, albeit reluctantly, on the subject of his latest album.

Over its 28 minutes, Owens opens his heart on a brief but intense romance with the mysterious Lysandre, yet is disappointingly guarded when pressed to divulge more.

The story is that of the 33-year-old’s first major European tour, a journey that saw him rise to indie stardom with his former outfit, Girls, told against a backdrop of folk and baroque sounds.

Lysandre is Owens’ first record since he dissolved the band on the cusp of a mainstream breakthrough last July.

‘Writing about things that have happened keep it fresh and exciting for me. It can be a release but I also try not to give too much of myself away,’ he says.

The record intimately details the joyous beginnings of ‘hugging and a-kissing’, to break-up, while providing an insight into Owens’ fears of inadequacy as a songwriter and solo performer.

Although Lysandre is the first release under his own name, Owens has assembled a capable group of players -- coming with him to Glasgow -- and sees the new songs as a continuance of his work with Girls.

‘With Girls, things were at their most difficult when I couldn’t find people to play on tour but the songs have always been mine. This is also the first time I’ve written a record rather just putting together a collection of songs,’ says Owens.

Lysandre has divided critics, some praise Owens as searingly honest, while others dismiss him as being contrived.

‘I don’t really care,’ he shrugs. ‘What I am glad of is that people seem to like it -- appreciation really is the most important thing.’

Broadcast, Glasgow, Tue 26 Feb

Christopher Owens - Lysandre Album Trailer

Christopher Owens

Former frontman of slacker indie duo Girls and sometime model heads into solo singer-songwriter territory.