The Future Does Not Require - Conquering Animal Sound

Conquering Animal Sound - The Future Does Not Require
(Chemikal Underground) ●●●●
Gloriously g-g-g-glitchy exponents of machine music with a human heart, CAS are readying a doozy of a second album in On Floating Bodies, and here's the first proof. It's got one of those eerily icy Björk-style Anneke Kampman vocals featuring lyrics apparently cut'n'pasted at random from a philosophy thesis. It's got so many loops its loops have got loops. It's b-b-b-brilliant.

Steve Mason - Fight Them Back (Official Video)

Steve Mason - Fight Them Back
(Double Six) ●●●●
Where personal politics dominated his debut solo album, Boys Outside, ex-Beta Band man Steve Mason is setting his sights on the powers that be with follow-up Monkey Minds In The Devil's Time, judging by this fiercely provocative protest song. Don't be misled by the laid-back cinematic funk groove, globalist capitalist consumerist pig dogs -- by 'fist, a boot and a baseball bat', Mason won't rest until we set in aboot ye.

Sparrow and the Workshop - Shock Shock
(Song, By Toad) ●●●
Newly rehomed on Embra's Song, By Toad records, the Sparrows have renounced acoustic rootsiness in favour of shredding guitars, hotwired organ and a snare drum that goes off like a whip crack in canyon. Could use a chorus, mind, what with Jill Scott having the most damn smoking voice this side of Emmylou Harris swallowing hot coals and all.

Jonnie Common - Figurehead
(Red Deer Club) ●●●●
Trust lugubrious 'lectro-pop maestro Common to spoil you right. The 'Figurehead' package features two alternate versions with and without live drums, 'Wet' and 'Dry' - titles you may find intriguingly cryptic and/or mildly suggestive depending on your disposition - plus two remixes, including an utterly bonkers one from FOUND that seems to channel horror B-movie soundtracks. Instant banger readymix -- just add electricity.