Suuns - Images Du Futur (3 stars)

Suuns - Images Du Futur

Psychedelic, experimental rock combines droning vocals with fuzzy melodies

Suuns first grabbed attention from music critics in 2011 with their debut album Zeroes Qc. Now, they set off on an exploration of their sound with a psychedelic, experimental rock album. The combination of smooth, droning vocals (occasionally akin to that of Thom Yorke) with fuzzy melodies to lure you in makes perfect sense in this album, if only there wasn’t a feeling of a build-up with no climax on some tracks, like ‘Mirror Mirror’.

There is no doubt that all the musical elements blend together beautifully and there is synthesis between the tracks as each flows gracefully onto the next. The downside of this is that it’s easy to get lost and mindlessly travel through the album without taking in any particular stand-out landmarks. Although ‘2020’ does pack a punch with much more edge compared to the dreamy hypnotism of ‘Edie’s Dream’. ‘Holocene’ seems to find the perfect balance between the two.

There is a distinct feeling of aloofness as the album trails off to its end and you can’t help but long for that gritty, raw sound of ‘2020’ at the start of the album.

Suuns - "Edie's Dream" (Official Video)

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