Geordie Shoe script is bottle of vodka

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 22 February 2013
Holly Hagan

Holly Hagan

The 'Geordie Shore' cast have insisted the show will "never be scripted" because all they need to make it successful is a "bottle of vodka"

The 'Geordie Shore' cast say the show will "never be scripted" because all they need is a "bottle of vodka".

Unlike some of their rival reality shows the MTV series doesn't use any scripts, and Holly Hagan insists the programme doesn't need to rely on pre-prepared lines to be entertaining because the redhead and her co-stars just drink alcohol and "do whatever" to create a successful TV series.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "If you watch our show at the beginning then it doesn't say it is scripted for you entertainment or anything like that because it's not. 'Geordie Shore' will never be scripted."

Co-star Dan Thomas-Tuck added: "Our script is a bottle of vodka."

Holly replied: "Yeah, just have a bottle of vodka and just do whatever."

The cast also insist they are not worried about competition from rival MTV show 'The Valleys' - which is based in Wales and follows a similar format to 'Geordie Shore' - and Dan joked he thinks of the programme as "a YouTube video" rather than a series.

He quipped: "I haven't heard of that show, is that programme on the telly? I thought 'The Valleys' was just a YouTube video to be fair."

Sophie Kasaei added: "Our show has kind of strayed away from being just about the sex and things. People actually watch it for the storylines and things. I know obviously 'The Valleys' is a bit different and stuff, I don't know, people might like it and people have their own opinions and stuff. But there is only one 'Geordie Shore' at the end of the day."

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