Music Show Demo Competition Playoff

The Music Show Demo Competition Playoff

Classic Grand, Glasgow, Thu 12 Oct


Call it a low rent X-Factor, or a high end Battle of the Bands, this showdown event offered entrants a unique opportunity. Of over 100 bands that submitted demos to BBC1 Scotland’s The Music Show, five were selected to play a short set at Glasgow’s spanking new venue the Classic Grand. Each was filmed for online viewing; Joe Public is invited to have a swatch and vote for his favourite, the winner being aired on the program when it returns later in the year.

First up: Dumb Instrument lllll, a quartet of dapper looking gents in matching suits playing some kind of fiddle, piano and spoken word based vaudevillian gypsy rock on serious downers. Nice idea, but a bit of a snooze. Young upstarts The Clicks lllll were much more sprightly, their boy/girl surf punk space rockness recalling the B52s without sounding shit (an impressive feat in itself). Their set ended with some rolling about on the floor: always good to see that.

Ska tinged hi-nrg disco rave punk behaviour from AKA The Fox lllll livened things up further. What they lack in hooks they more than make up for in presence, their frontman dry humping the limelight like the very best of them. Arctic Monkeys-alike indie urchins The Cuts lllll look barely old enough to buy a pint, but pulled in the biggest crowd of the night (their singer declaring, ‘I’m living the dream!’ bless him). Ape (no pun intended) less and put that spunk to more original ends and you could be onto something lads.

Rounding off, surprise highlight Satellite Dub lllll, a rotund fellow armed only with a laptop and similar electro-gizmos who drummed up a snatch of heavy bass’n’beats that could give Chemical Brothers a run for their money. But was it a spectacle fit for the box? You decide.

Voting opens Sun 5 Nov at

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