Sam Faiers and Joey Essex reveal secret Christmas split

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  • 19 February 2013
Joey Essex

Sam Faiers and Joey Essex

'The Only Way is Essex' stars Sam Faiers and Joey Essex secretly split in December because they were going through a "bad patch"

Sam Faiers and Joey Essex secretly split in December.

The 'Only Way Is Essex' co-stars took a brief break from their relationship when they were going through a "bad patch" but the couple were so unhappy apart, they reconciled after just two days.

Sam said: "We went through a bad patch at Christmas, so we decided to take a break for a few days."

Joey added: "It was the right thing to do but we'll never do it again. It was meant to be for a week but after just two days I ended up going to Sam's with a bunch of flowers."

Despite their difficulties, the pair are confident their relationship is stronger than ever.

Joey added to Now magazine: "What's kept us together is the fact we know we've had all this pressure on us and all these arguments. If we can go through all that on TV, we're going to be amazing in real life. This series is going to be huge for me and Sam."

This news comes after Joey broke down in tears during the show's live episode in December due to the pressure of deciding whether or not to propose to Sam.

He decided not to and eventually walked off the show, telling Sam: "I don't want to talk about marriage no more ... I need to go outside, I can't do this any more."

'TOWIE' returns to ITV2 on Sunday (24.02.13) at 10pm.

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