Local Natives - Electric Circus, Edinburgh, Sat 9 Feb (4 stars)

Local Natives - Electric Circus, Edinburgh, Sat 9 Feb

An hour of beautifully executed melodies from the LA four-piece

Twenty minutes of sound-check in between Balthazar’s performance – way better than most support acts’ – and the start of Local Natives’ gig turned out to be more than worth it. The indie band walk on stage, hint a smile towards the audience, and begin to play, determined not to waste any time. Their performance is honest, essential; nothing about it says ‘too much’ or screams ‘over the top’. Each of the five musicians appears to be in a world of their own, captured by the intensity of their music, but at the same time aware of their audience.

Perhaps dangerously similar to Grizzly Bear, Local Natives still find a way of being unique. They provide the audience with an hour of beautifully executed melodies, played by people who were clearly meant to share their art with others. Technically impeccable when dealing with the instruments, we'll forgive a few lyrics out of tune here and there. The band introduce some tracks from the newly released album, Hummingbird, confirming their professional growth. It’s when they play ‘Breakers’ that the audience, relatively calm so far, can’t resist the urge to let loose. Intelligent lyrics, along with catchy melodies – if their albums are good, their gigs are even better.

Local Natives - Breakers

Local Natives

Four-piece indie rock band from California.

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