David Galletly: Wee (3 stars)

David Galletly

Idiosyncrasies and faux folk art with bleak humour from Scottish illustrator

The first solo exhibition of David Galletly’s work at Recoat, Wee, showcases the highly peculiar drawing work of this Scottish illustrator. The show comprises impeccably detailed and disconcerting ink drawings, with bizarre and darkly comic characters and scenes such as a sagging, tired old Santa Claus watching telly or a pair of apparently independently dancing arms on sticks.

His style is obsessive, to say the least, with an obvious huge time investment as an integral process: you get sucked into examining the details and textures Galletly builds up, in the swirling smoke stream of 'Rockets', and the white noise-like pattern of his 'Circle', 'Triangle', and 'Square' abstracts.

Galletly’s style feels familiar in its idiosyncrasies, faux folk art with bleak humour – the kind of thing made famous by David Shrigley -- but it still manages to keep you entertained. He achieves this partly through the wonderful miasmatic detail, and partly through the silly stories (including a man balefully waving a white flag under a mountain of purring cats, or Batman and Iron man staggering home with a beer). There's a genuine wide-eyed fun in Galletly’s whimsy.

Recoat, Glasgow, until Sun 3 Mar

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