Penelope Keith leads tributes to Richard Briers

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  • 19 February 2013
Penelope Keith

Penelope Keith

Penelope Keith has led tributes to her former 'The Good Life' co-star Richard Briers, who passed away "peacefully" on Sunday (17.02.13), describing him as a "wonderful and charming" man

Penelope Keith will remember Richard Briers' "warmth, smile and laughter" whenever she thinks of him.

The 72-year-old actress - who starred alongside the late acting legend, who passed away "peacefully" on Sunday (17.02.13) aged 79, in British sitcom 'The Good Life' - praised Richard for his "courteous" nature and admitted she will "miss him very much".

She told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "I knew Richard a long time and he was wonderful and charming - a pleasure to spend time with.

"When someone dies, people tend to eulogise them and you always wonder if they could have been so nice. Richard was.

"He was courteous, great to work with and an actor of many talents. I saw him in many things and he was a joy to watch.

"I shall miss him very much. Whenever I think of him I shall remember his warmth, his smile and his laughter."

Penelope admits she learnt a lot from watching Richard - who had been battling a serious lung condition for several years and said recently years of smoking had been to blame for his emphysema - and praised his upbeat attitude in his last few months.

She added: "We last spoke on the phone on his birthday in January.

"He didn't sound good and couldn't get many sentences out, but even so he wasn't at all self-pitying.

"He never complained, instead joking: 'That's what 355,000 cigarettes does to you, my dear.'

"Even in 'The Good Life' he smoked heavily, but he was a joy and we became family friends.

"I learnt a lot from watching him work - he was careful to treat everybody properly."

Peter Egan - who starred alongside Richard in 1980s sitcom 'Ever Decreasing Circles' - said the late actor was a "wonderful man" and praised his generosity.

He explained: "I'm devastated. Richard was a wonderful man and I admired him very much.

"I was so impressed by his interest in other people and how generous a performer he was."

A number of TV stars have taken to Twitter to pay tribute to the 'Monarch of the Glen' actor including Stephen Fry, who said he was the "most adorable and funny man imaginable".

TV presenter Jonathan Ross tweeted: "Just heard the sad news. RIP Richard Briers. A sweet and gentle and talented man."

'Peep Show' star David Mitchell wrote: "I'm very sad that Richard Briers has died. He was a brilliant comic actor. Whenever I've acted, I've always hoped to be something like him."

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